Anna Trishch“You cannot fall if you don’t climb. But there is no joy in living on the ground.” ~ Unknown

Experience: Anna brings the experience everyone enjoys. her story inspires to aspire. Her highly engaging and interactive style encourages people to see new possibilities, step into aspiration mode and step into action.

Authenticity: My story is my glory. How difficulties can propel you to discovering and following your dreams. True motivation is not an outside force. It lies in your dreams. Your genuine hearts desires drive you for excellence at life.

Dreams:  “You’ll never go farther than your dreams take you.” ~ John Maxwell

To live an exceptional life and to be high performer you have to fall in love with yourself and your dream. That is the source of your power and the secret of success.


Anna Trishch is a personal development coach, a published inspirational author and an up-and-coming internationally recognized motivational speaker. She was born and raised in a small Ukrainian town. Coming from a very modest background, as a child and a teenager, Anna faced many challenges and financial hardships. As a believer that people are the creators of their own lives, she became proactive as opposed to reactive while crafting her life and following her dreams.

Prior to joining the John Maxwell team, Anna studied at Ukrainian University in the foreign languages department. After moving to the USA, Anna worked within the customer service field for four years until she discovered her passion for teaching, inspiring and coaching people.

Anna believes that life is not about resources; it is about resourcefulness. Your personality is the resource of everything you have and are going to have. Anna has been helping people become aware, embrace, and stretch their personal potential and discover their greatness. She inspires people to stay in their power zone while increasing their personal effectiveness in achieving their goals and dreams.

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