Become a Magician in Your Life or How to Change Your Reality

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
William Shakespeare

The objective reality is neutral and does not carry any emotional coloring. Sometimes it is hard to comprehend this truth, especially when we are surrounded with the illusions in the form of problems, predicaments or life ordeals (not realizing that we have created them). Although this simple but wise approach of viewing the events in our life with an easy-going and flexible attitude determines the level of our happiness. The power of our mind has unlimited potential and can create miracles if used properly.

Many people would complain that it is impossible to control the flow of thoughts and  cultivate only positive stuff  on a regular basis. Sooner or later we get to experience frustration or despair. Here is the thing: life cannot be an eternal bliss and a pure paradise (in this case it would be boring and uninteresting). Yet it is the inevitable truth that we are in charge of our life and we are responsible for everything that is happening to us. The awakening point comes when we get to realize and accept this truth. It is not the circumstances that define people’s life; it is people who define the circumstances. We all have the necessary tools within us for empowerment. Life is about interpretations. And only with positive interpretations we obtain the possibilities.

The essential question is how to shift the perception of our reality and how to avoid intensifying the seriousness of problems and live a valuable life. Quite often we add excessive importance to things in a good or bad manner not realizing that in such a way we create more problems.

Nature and the universe are perfect; there are no coincidences or errors. Everything in nature is balanced; there is day and night, there is cold and heat, there is sun and rain, etc. Whenever the imbalance occurs the balancing powers rush to bring everything back to harmony. You have probably noticed that after a huge storm, there is a great sunny day, or after you experience a terrible pain, there is a pleasant relief. It is all about the law of balance in life and universe that is controlled by the balance wheel.

Balance creates harmony

Balance is the key
What happens if the balance is shattered? What is excessive potential and why does it have destructive influence in our life? Compare two situations: first – you are standing on the floor in your room, and second – you are standing on a cliff edge. At energetic level both situations are equal in value, as you are standing in both cases.

However, the second situation carries an extreme importance to you. One careless move and something irretrievable happens! You bring about the excessive emotional tension. That is how the excessive potential appears. All material things have equal meaning. But people give them evaluation and judgment – good and bad, joyful and sad, attractive and repulsive, kind and evil, simple and complicated, etc. Everything is exposed to our estimate.

The excessively good or bad appraisal does bring imbalance to our life distorting the reality. For example, the object of adoration is always bestowed on by excessive worth, the object of hatred is viewed with excessive flaws and the object of fear is described with excessive frightening qualities. Therefore we are not able to provide the unbiased evaluation of the object.

The excessive potential is subtle and imperceptible, but it plays an incredible role in our life. The balance wheel always balances it. And the outcome is not pleasant to us. We often feel deceived and hurt, when we want something so much with an unimaginable passion, but it seems like the more we want it the farther it moves away from us. And we ask the universe: “How is that fair? Where is that damn law of attraction?!”

Moreover, many times we get the opposite result of what we really want, despite the fact that we concentrate all our attention on the desirable object. The explanation is simple – we give objects, people and situations excessive potential, and the balance wheel counteracts the overindulgence. It has always been like that, regardless if we believe or accept it.

Imbalance creates distorted reality

How to avoid the destructive reaction of balance wheel? There is a saying: “Do not fly too high and do not fly too low”. Why do angels fly? Because they take themselves lightly. We have to learn how to play with the balance wheel by lowering the importance of things. Everything should be perceived with moderate emotional reaction. All things in life have the same value, being neither good nor bad. As Emerson once said,

“To different minds, the same world is a hell and a heaven.”

After all if we imagine ourselves on a deathbed estimating life troubles with hindsight, we can come to a conclusion that nothing was worth worrying? Once you learn how to play with life situations without emotions, you can not only change your life for better, you will become the magician of your own destiny, capable of manifesting miracles in your life.

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