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Do Not Compare Yourself With Others

Do not ever compare yourself to anybody! That lesson I learned when I visited probably one of the most luxurious resorts in South Florida, The Breakers. It is an ocean front luxury resort located in Palm Beach. It is the place of what I call the richest, the finest, the best, and the most. Continue reading Do Not Compare Yourself With Others

Looking For Inspiration

A friend of mine recommended watching a recent movie called “Gimme Shelter”. The film stars Vanessa Hudgens, Rosario Dawson, Brendan Fraser and Jams Earl Jones and was based on a true and inspiring story about a pregnant teen who escapes her abusive, drug-addicted mother and searches for her biological father, ending up in a shelter for pregnant women. There she learns about love and compassion and bonds with like minded woman from similar situations as the shelter becomes a safe haven place she can call home. The film touched me deeply and had a meaningful message about life. There is so much suffering in this world, and it is amazing to see that there are places that transform and help save lives through love, compassion and community support.

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Don’t Fake It. Just Make It

Everyone is familiar with the expression : “Fake it until you make it.” I’ve also heard: “Fake it until you become it, get it, achieve it, etc.” I believe that this expression defies the purpose of the “making” part of it.

Think about for a moment.. If you are trying to fake it, you are deliberately sending the message to your brain that whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish is not real, therefore you are faking it.

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You Are Special

There is gold everywhere – but mostly in our heart. We have unlimited potential. We have personal power. But it is not going to do any good to us until we take action. The first thing to realize is that we are special.

There is an inspirational story of a child in Rome who spent hours watching a strange man working intently. Finally, the boy spoke, “Signore, WHY are you hitting that rock?” Michelangelo looked up from his work and answered, “Because there is an angel inside and he wants to come out.” Wow, how powerful!

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Love What You Do. Do What You Love.

My visit to San Diego zoo was quite unique. Outstanding experience! There is always something special about nature and animals, which gives you tons of positive energy. One of the things that amazed me most was the “zoo man”. He gave us an exciting and one of the kind tour along the zoo. His passion and enthusiasm toward animals were incredible and awe-inspiring. As soon as we embarked on the bus the “zoo man” started making sounds imitating animals. He was joking and telling stories about different animals referring to their unique personalities. He knew every animal by name! The level of devotion to his profession was inspiring! Everyone on the bus was having a blast constantly laughing and clapping. The energy around the zoo man was filled with vitality, passion and power. He was truly a happy man absolutely enjoying his life.

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What is Your Definition of Life?


My definition of life is simple. Life is beautiful …to the smallest detail. What is yours?  If we formulate our own meaning of life on a positive basis we get to fully enjoy any life experience.

Life is not about praying for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain.

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Desires vs Needs

“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” ~Gloria Steinem

When we have desires, we are alive. When our desires become realized, we feel happy. Our aspirations are the essence of our life. We were born to fulfill our destiny, our purpose. And our purpose is fueled by our desires.

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Cinderella. Princess. Me. Universe.

I love fairy tales. They carry universal appeal not because of “good conquers evil and a happy end” type of thing, but because of their profound and deep meaning. Through opening the curtains of the mysterious and magical, fairy tales help us to better understand our own life. They bring about the best in us, making us believe in miracles. They reflect our aspirations and dreams, elevate our spirit, inspire our soul, and provide valuable lessons. The deep wisdom of Cinderella story unfolds the secret how to connect with your inner self and make miracles happen.

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Realizing Your True Self

Do you realize how special and unique you are? And it is not your fingerprints or the spiral of DNA that makes you exceptional. Your worthiness is your birthright. You don’t need to earn or deserve it. It is already given. You are enough. You are whole and complete, simply because you were born. Your true self contains every possibility. You carry a divine Godlike sparkle within you. It is the matter of realizing who you really are.

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Transformation from an Ugly Duckling to a Beautiful Swan

Your life is beautiful and precious, and your presence has a unique and graceful purpose. Everybody is programmed for greatness and being outstanding. The realization of your personal beauty and worth at times is learned the hard way. Sometimes, it is absolutely necessary to reach the bottom in order to celebrate the victory on the top. Important thing to remember along the life journey is that we all come from the star stuff, no matter what happens. A diamond in the mud is still a diamond.

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Life on Your Terms or Realization of Dreams

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” ~ Mark Twain

What is it that encourages and fuels our life? What gives our life the driving force and fills it with meaning? What creates happiness, joy, freedom, satisfaction, growth and fulfillment? Do you use life to its fullest potential? Do you have enough courage to create the life you dream about?

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The Long Journey Starts with The Empowering Choice

“I knew at that moment I had to make a choice… I could submit to everything and live a life of excuses, or I could push myself… I could push myself and make my life good…” ~ Liz Murray

Liz Murray’s life story Breaking Night, an incredible journey from homeless to Harvard, describes the ability and power to survive the hardship of drug-abusive parents, the suffering of being abandoned, hungry and rejected by society and prevail against all odds, taking control of her life. It is not a fairy tale; it is a real life-story full of disappointment, grief, adversity and belief as a turning point that everything can be changed for better.
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