Cinderella. Princess. Me. Universe.

I love fairy tales. They carry universal appeal not because of “good conquers evil and a happy end” type of thing, but because of their profound and deep meaning. Through opening the curtains of the mysterious and magical, fairy tales help us to better understand our own life. They bring about the best in us, making us believe in miracles. They reflect our aspirations and dreams, elevate our spirit, inspire our soul, and provide valuable lessons. The deep wisdom of Cinderella story unfolds the secret how to connect with your inner self and make miracles happen.

Cinderella, a kind sweetheart, is unfortunate to live with her wicked stepmother and stepsisters who never miss a chance to mock or humiliate the poor innocent girl. Her benevolence and genuine heart, hard work and perseverance, positive attitude and optimism bring all the charm to Cinderella personality. We all know how the story develops further: in a magical way the girl cleans off the ashes, puts on a beautiful dress, arrives gracefully to the ball, meets the price, gets married, conquering all the challenges, envy and evil, and they live happily ever after. A graceful female journey from a maid to princess. However, the story would not be that powerful, inspiring the world of art, literature, and movies again and again, if it was only brought down to elegance, beauty, true love, genuineness and kind heart, which by the way, is a lot enough to ponder about.


The true fascination of the fairy tale lies in the fact that Cinderella, despite her miserable outside circumstances, never played the role of victim. She never complained about the unfair treatment and wretched destiny, and she never blamed her family members (although they were evil) or the outside circumstances. How many people do you know in your life (maybe personally) who blame everyone and everything for their miserable existence, not realizing that in such a way they attract more of what they resist? Cinderella was happy and hopeful in the unhappy surroundings. She subconsciously believed in her powerful inner self and became connected to universal grace through her open loving heart and optimistic attitude. Cinderella had nothing but she had everything. She became the princess long before she changed her appearance and met the prince.


One thing to note here for those who wait on a “magic fairy” to come and rescue or fix them, stop that, as you develop the wrong attitude to life and you will always be unhappy. If people rely on someone to come and save them, remaining passive and angry, they are doomed. We have no control over the external circumstances; we cannot change them, but we can change their meaning and our attitude to them. We can be fully in charge of our inner world, which will shape our outside “reality”.


Here is the secret: miracles happen on the inside; what we see outside is a mere reflection of the inner transformation. Magic operates in our soul. The appearance of a fairy in the story is a metaphor of the bridge between our dreams and their manifestation. It is a graceful touch of the universe. Even when the fairy appeared, she didn’t create anything new. She just transformed something that already existed. She didn’t order the dress out of catalogue; she transformed Cinderella’s old rags into a ball gown. The fairy didn’t order a limo; she turned pumpkin into a couch and mice into horsemen. The magic happened, but was it really magic? Or was it the natural divine grace of the universe? Cinderella had everything she needed within her or around her, just in disguise.


We are princes and princesses, whatever our life path is. Some have embraced their true royal self, some are still searching, and others are in disguise. The recipe is simple: be kind and humble, open your heart, have positive attitude, take responsibility and never complain, connect to your inner self with your deepest aspirations, and pursue your happiness. Miracles will follow.


Rags-to-riches story serves as a powerful inspiration that our dreams do come true. However, they acquire shape and get energy on the inside. Major transformations always happen in the soul first. What we observe in the material realm is the side effects of the inner magic.

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