Inspiration. Motivation. Coaching.

Inspiration. Motivation. Coaching. The “Holy” Triad for Success

I used to believe that the definitions of inspiration, motivation and coaching were synonymous. However, when I began to deeply explore the true essence that each discipline encompasses—and its role in helping us find and embrace our true purpose in life—I realized they all serve our greater good but address and assist us at different levels of our human existence.

Let’s look at each one in more depth:

Inspiration—The realm of spirituality

I am alive, I am breathing, and I am inspired. I love my life and everything it can offer. I am connected to my inner self, and I am moved by this exhilarating sensation.


What is inspiration? The root of the word is spirit. Inspiration literally means breathing life into your core nature—your spirit. It is an amazing stimulation of your soul and your inner spirit. Inspiration awakens the divine part within you regardless of your religion or culture. Inspiration ignites your inner spark, and it is reflected in your shiny eyes, your open heart and your energy flow. Inspiration spreads your wings so that you can soar, moves you emotionally, and anchors your infinite purpose. It helps you become a co-creator of life. It is the realization of the truth that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. It gives you access to infinite possibilities. It taps your creativity and allows you to confidently declare yourself as master of your personal universe.


Inspiration is the belief that miracles happen every day. If we open our eyes, we can find inspiration everywhere—sunrise, sunset, the singing of the birds, the rustle of the wind, the crushing of the ocean waves.


You look, you see, you feel, you believe, you connect, letting go of your mind and judgment and just being present. You are introduced to the sacred revelation of your inner spark. Inspiration is like an agent that stirs your emotions, gets the air into your soul and moves you from inside. Inspiration helps ordinary people do extraordinary things, so remember to draw inspiration from as many things as possible in life and feel them with your heart.


“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson


Motivation—The “Mundane” Realm

I think, decide, act, create, and achieve. I imagine with my mind, believe with my heart, and achieve with my strength. I am motivated to turn my beautiful dreams into specific goals.


The word motivation has great energy behind its meaning. Motivation is usually associated with leadership, success and achievement. In simple words, it explains the mental forces that drive the behavior of people. It’s mundane but extremely important because we all have different types of behavior, all of which impact our levels of success and achievement in life. The root of the word is motive—the reason for doing something. Motivation refers to internal and external factors that stimulate desire, energy and persistence to achieve certain goals. It provides the reasons why people are continually interested and committed to a job, project, role, or any other objective.


Motivation encourages us to set plans into action, provides the driving force for achieving things, and reveals our essential needs. We need motivation to survive and strive. We need enthusiasm in goal-achieving process. We need fuel for our actions. The condition of being motivated is the condition of being eager to do something.


Motivation creates the engaging process that initiates, guides and maintains goal setting and goal accomplishment. It helps turn on the incredible forces necessary for your personal achievements. The components of motivation are: activation (initiates behavior), persistence (continued effort), and intensity (concentration and vigor). No goal can be achieved and no dream can be realized without motivation. It helps you pursue your dreams with mental force and determination.


“Motivation will almost always beat the mere talent.”—Norman Ralph Augustine


Coaching—The Realm of Leadership

I am a human being with faults and weaknesses. It is ok for me to ask for help and guidance. I need coaching for growth and expansion. Coaching reveals my personal empowerment zone during difficult moments. I am a leader, therefore I am constantly learning.


Great coaches take people where they can’t take themselves. They often are exceptional leaders because they see the bigger picture, far beyond the current moment. Their energy fosters self-belief in others, and they can invoke the best in people. A coach can help us open our eyes see new opportunities!


We live, we have aspirations, we have dreams, we fall, we get up, we learn, we teach, we gain experience, we move forward. We all need guidance, advice, and support as we travel the many roads on our life journey. Along the way, experiences can be challenging, and achieving dreams can be draining. We need somebody to remind us about our unlimited potential, so we can demand more from ourselves and perform at higher levels. We all need somebody to shift our focus from problems to our greatness during tough moments.


Coaching is a great tool when you are exploring your purpose in life. It is about providing support for an individual in achieving specific personal or professional goals. The process can help transport you from where you are to where you want to be. It fosters your self-confidence, raises your standards, provides emotional support, and offers external help and mentoring in achieving your goals.


Making the Connection

Used in unison, these powerful forces—inspiration, motivating and coaching—can become your “Holy Triad” for success in life. They are amazing tools that help us create the life we dream about and find purpose in all that we do.


Inspiration is about listening to the whispers of life and your inner self. It helps you create your dream. Motivation then follows. It gives you the mental drive and reasons to move forward: Why do you want to achieve your dreams and follow through with your plans and efforts? Finally, coaching provides guidance and emotional support along the entire journey—from the inception of a dream to its implementation.


The connection of divine (inspiration) and earthy (motivation) forces together with support (coaching) brings power by strengthening your body, mind and soul!




About Anna Trishch

I have discovered the universal truth about human greatness and unlimited potential that I want to share with you. I have always been convinced that there is no such thing as impossible; even the word itself says “I am possible.” Always remember - you are the master of your universe! Aspire for growth and progress, and it will give you ultimate fulfillment. Discover happiness and success!