Love What You Do. Do What You Love.

My visit to San Diego zoo was quite unique. Outstanding experience! There is always something special about nature and animals, which gives you tons of positive energy. One of the things that amazed me most was the “zoo man”. He gave us an exciting and one of the kind tour along the zoo. His passion and enthusiasm toward animals were incredible and awe-inspiring. As soon as we embarked on the bus the “zoo man” started making sounds imitating animals. He was joking and telling stories about different animals referring to their unique personalities. He knew every animal by name! The level of devotion to his profession was inspiring! Everyone on the bus was having a blast constantly laughing and clapping. The energy around the zoo man was filled with vitality, passion and power. He was truly a happy man absolutely enjoying his life.

That invigorated energy full of life that zoo man was spreading stirred my soul. Honestly! The core message was so powerful message that defines everything in life: success, achievement, fulfillment, and happiness. That message is simple yet so profound. Love what you do. Do what you love.

How many people enjoy what they are doing? I mean, really enjoying their occupation? How many go to work not because it pays their bills, but because of a deeper meaning which is compelling to their soul and mind? It is a blessing when your occupation merges with your life passion. However, it is not the lucky set of circumstances when your profession reflects your heart’s desires and aspirations. It is the result of focus, determination, self-discipline and hard work. Find a way to turn your hobby into a profitable occupation, and you will never have to work. It is the challenging but rewarding experience when you have the courage to follow your dreams.


If you love what you are doing, it is a true happiness. If you know how to incorporate your passion into what you do professionally, do it and you will find ultimate life fulfillment. If not, keep searching, stay hungry, ask questions, take chances, until you find what truly resonates with your heart. It is never too late. Every day offers a new insight, a new perspective, a new opportunity. Never settle for less, if you know that you can have more. If your mind came up with a certain idea, it has the power to make it happen. Listen to your heart, believe in yourself, grasp the opportunity, and take action. Don’t think too much; the universe doesn’t wait. Life is yours! You are the creator of your life. You have the incredible power inside.


It is like climbing the mountain: it is hard and challenging, but it is so worth enjoying the view.


I love inspirational stories, books and movies that move my soul. One of my favorite movies is “Secret”. When I first watched it, I was like “wow”!! Is that for real? I had that intoxicating exhilaration that pumped me up for quite some time. That movie breezed life and hope and dream.. And then.. a pause for expectation of a success story… However, nothing happened. Nothing.. I was frustrated and disappointed. I understood and embraced all the ideas, but no changes. But later I understood that dreams don’t work unless you do. The part that was missing in all the “Secret Euphoria” was action. Your dreams can be turned into reality only through action.


My message: Find out what it is that inspires your heart and brings smile to your face. Do what you love. Love what you do. Identifying your dreams is the love part of that message. Taking action is the catalyst of the crystallization of those dreams! Life opens up when you do. You have your personal power. Merge it with the power of the universe!

About Anna Trishch

I have discovered the universal truth about human greatness and unlimited potential that I want to share with you. I have always been convinced that there is no such thing as impossible; even the word itself says “I am possible.” Always remember - you are the master of your universe! Aspire for growth and progress, and it will give you ultimate fulfillment. Discover happiness and success!


It is a very inspiring message! Yes, you have to do what you love to do that the way of success, fulfillment, and happiness. I agree that it's never late to start doing what you truly want to do in your life.