Magician’s Way


“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ― Albert Einstein

Magician’s Way by William Whitecloud

What determines success in playing golf? Excellent performance of the techniques, the observance of rules, regulations and golf etiquette, practice and experience – would be the logical answer. But is it possible to be a good golf player without knowing any of the above? Turns out, you don’t need to know all the rules how to play golf; all you need to do is to focus on the target. There is only one rule in playing golf: hit a good shot. If you focus on the target, everything else comes together. But if you think about ending up with your body facing the target and transferring your weight and using timing instead of force, you’ll end up tied up in the knots and hit an ordinary shot.

Magician’s Way by William Whitecloud is not a book about playing golf; it is a book about discovering an alternative magical way of living life, where anything you want can be easily achieved, simply relying on your natural ability. It introduces you to the magician’s secrets of achievement, success and fulfillment. It shows the way to become an alchemist, who turns lead into gold. The book engages your natural curiosity, taps in your creativity, gives you the feeling of lightness and freedom. Life can be simple and easy or difficult and hard. It all depends on your choice, as life is simply a reflection of your attitude to it.


Unfortunately, the vast majority of people is used to believing that life is difficult, and you have to constantly fight for your place under the sun. Unconsciously, they manifest the reality of struggle according to their limiting beliefs. As a result life appears to be difficult, and people are constantly fighting. Little do they know that the “gold” of life is right next to them.


Magician’s Way is a captivating story about an ordinary man, who has an amazing family but who is struggling financially. Looking for ways to increase his income, he discovers the secrets of magic that transfer him to a whole different dimension of his reality. Breaking his mental limits into believing what’s possible in life, Mark (the main character) is able to hit an excellent shot in golf with his eyes closed; he is introduced to the financial giants, who rule the big markets; he manages to close a business deal in the amount of his year income within one day, and ultimately he reveals the life of fulfillment.


Here is what he discovers, being introduced to magical principles and enjoying the experience of practicing it.


  • You don’t rely on your natural ability. You try to control the shot with your rational minds. But your natural ability is capable of anything.
  • You are too much concentrated on the process of achieving a goal, versus the goal itself, succumbing to fears and doubts. Power lies in the ability to focus on the target.


You look at the target and you don’t know if you can hit it. You have no confidence in your natural ability. You focus on the outside resources (money, right people, education, impeccable analytical thinking, careful research, perfect time, perfect place, etc.) that supposedly will bring you the desired result. The problem is that the concentration on the outside things deprives you of your personal power. The outside things are necessary, but they will flow naturally into your life if you are emotionally, spiritually and psychologically aligned with your purpose. The doors will be opened if you rely on your natural abilities that come from the heart.


  • Your enemy is expectation. You ally is detachment. The game isn’t the process; the game is the dream.


Usually when you want something so desperately, you create a problem by being emotionally attached to the outcome. And your mind is making it the matter of life and death. Such attitude of attachment makes a person weak and vulnerable, creating the fertile ground of life failures and defeats.


  • You have to be conscious of what other messages you’re giving yourself. Become aware of the thoughts you entertain on a daily basis.


You’ve got to acknowledge fear, doubt – any kind of limitation. You try to overrule the negative, to control it. That just locks you up. You have to learn to love the negative; you have to welcome it, because when you can see it, you can take the power out of it. You can let it go.


Fear is resistance to a negative outcome. You don’t want something to happen. You are not going to let it happen, so you take control away from your natural ability.


“It is amazing how you can struggle over something all your life and then one day be blessed enough to discover the secret that turns the whole world upside down and gives you what you want in an instant.” ~ William Whitecloud


Ultimately, there are two realities you can live in. One is the reality of your thoughts and feelings, where you are constantly compensating for the notion that you are separate from what you want and don’t have the ability to naturally attract it to you. The other is the reality of your vision, where you are connected to the end result of what you love and you are relying on your natural ability to make it happen. The difference lies in the trust and unconditional belief. Those who really want something achieve it, because they are focused on the target, which gives them joy, but not on the process of hitting the target, which creates fears.


The principles of magic are simple and easy to apply. The problem might be with your underlying structure and your belief system.


You have to pay attention to your underlying structure: your life principles and beliefs that are guiding you in life. Your behavior and actions are controlled by your structure. And if the structure is right, it doesn’t matter what you do wrong the result will be great. If there is no shift, it’s because the structure hasn’t changed. Underlying structure defines the outside fortune or misfortune.


Anybody can become a magician, magic is available everywhere and anytime. The joy of life lies mainly outside of what you believe is possible. The whole point of magic is to deny your belief system and live your bliss.


Magicians aren’t stuck on any point. Their purpose is to live and be open to the wonder of life. Magicians aren’t magicians because of what they can conjure; magicians are magicians because of their ability to be present. They are able to receive the blessing of life in every moment. They can go with the flow of life and receive their energy wherever and in whatever form it’s being presented.



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