Once in Paris…

Treat a Challenge as an Illusion and it will be Turned into Opportunity.

Paris is always a good idea, occurred to me, while planning my recent trip to Europe.

Paris is one of the most enchanting cities on earth. Visitors marvel at famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Notre-Dame. People seek romance on the River Seine, get lost in the cobblestone streets of Montmartre, and drool over decadent French food in sophisticated bistros along the Champs Elysées. It seems that everything in the city is a work of art.

There is no doubt that Paris is an amazing city, yet I am not going to describe the beauty of the sight-seeing part (it is better to see one time than to hear a thousand) Anyways, I aspired to go there not only for the sake of sightseeing, but also to become an active traveler, who is in search of people, adventure, experience and interesting moments…

As we all know, you get what you ask for. ☺ I did find an “interesting moment”, but it was not pleasant in the beginning. Anyways, it would be boring to describe how marvelous and incredible it was in Paris.

So, after spending an amazing time in the capital of France, I was on my way to Orly airport to continue my vacation in Spain, province of Alicante. It was another rainy foggy day in Paris. Being a little sad to leave this marvelous place, I was overwhelmed by its fascinating history and the grandeur of its extraordinary architecture. While in the taxi I was watching the view behind the window: beautiful buildings, small cozy cafes, tiny streets with pensive trees – despite the rainy weather all covered in a romantic atmosphere, (maybe, it was just my personal projection of the reality, but the city seemed mesmerizing).

Soon after arriving to the airport, I found out that my flight to Alicante would be delayed. Not that it upset me (I try not to let myself be disappointed over minor things), but I was a little bit peeved, as it is always nicer to spend time with you family and friends rather than at the airport. And on top of that, it was my aunt’s birthday and the party was about to start in a couple of hours in Benidorm (beautiful coastal town in Alicante province, Spain). Yet, I decided not to judge too soon but patiently wait with my book.

The agitation and aggravation of people for the same flight was growing though. I could feel the tense energy vibrations around me. After an hour of waiting I found out that the flight was cancelled. The information desk was filled with upset people, whose plans were ruined. At that point I realized why they call French and Spanish people hot-tempered. The heated dialogues did not lead anywhere except for: “You have to wait, Madame/Monsieur.”

To cut a long story short, after another hour of waiting we were announced that the flight was rescheduled for the next morning due to the technical issues of the aircraft. There was no limit in how frustrated people felt. But I decided to play a little bit with the reality and became an observer, and there was a moment of revelation. There were two options in front of me, either to get distressed and start complaining or flip the situation and look at the bright side: I get to spend another day in the city of my dreams. I chose the second.

Yes, I wasted almost 5 hours of my life, I missed my aunt’s birthday party, and I had unexpected expenses, BUT I refused to focus on any of that stuff, as it would have put me in a negative state, creating the negative chain of events. I focused instead on the opportunity to enjoy another day in one of my favorite cities. I called my friend with whom I stayed in Paris and we spent wonderful time together.

Very often when we are “thrown” into challenging situations, we are unable to control the problem from an empowering perspective. Most of the times we get in reaction by fighting and spreading negative vibrations and thus feeding our own demons. The truth is that the outside world with all its “irritants” provides no impact on our well being without our permission.

“It is like when you throw black paint in the air; the air remains uncontaminated. You never color the air black. No matter what happens to you, you remain uncontaminated. You remain at peace.” Anthony de Mello

The world is a mirror, and it reflects our inner content. We project our own reality with our thoughts and attitude. Reality is multi-optional, meaning there are so many ways and options how a certain situation can be developed and continued further. And these options are determined by our attitude and choice.

By our negative or positive evaluation of any situation we choose to live as if the life is a fairy-tale or as if the life is a problem. If you treat anything as bad event (in fact, there are neither good nor bad things; there is only our judgment) then the event will be developed accordingly. However, if we choose to treat even the most horrible situation with the positive attitude, we manage to find treasure in the trash. Positive mindset creates ideas of solutions.

Besides, many times people tend to exaggeration. People are blowing things out of proportion. You need to remember that your imagination can make things ten times more intense that anything you could experience in real life. In fact, there is a saying in chess and in martial arts: “The threat of attack is greater than the attack itself”. Instead of dramatizing things it is better to analyze them with the level-headed approach. Ask yourself: “Is there really loss here? Or am I judging this situation too soon or too harshly?”

The fact that the flight was cancelled is not the biggest tragedy, but I was surprised to see how angry and frustrated people became because of it. If you think about, if people get easily frustrated over minor things, what will happen to them if they face real challenges?

I got safely to Benidorm the next day and spent valuable and fun time with my family there.

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I enjoyed reading this story. It’s more interesting to read what somebody has experienced him/herself than just a story about imaginary character.

 It’s not easy to hold your emotions when something like that is happening to you. I had 4 hours delayed plain one time, and I was pissed off because my friend was waiting for me at an airport all that time. Some passengers missed their connection flights!

But I agree you can't let negative emotions to swallow you!