The Power of Feelings

The way we vibrate defines what we attract!

We all love attractive people, and it goes far beyond their appearance. As soon as they walk into the room, the word “winner” is written all over them. We don’t know what their secret is, but we wish we had it.

What is it? Is it within their smile that comes from the heart, or their funny jokes that make everybody laugh, or their confidence that motivates, or their intellect that educates, or simply their charisma that captivates? A little bit of everything, as they have it all. But where does it come from? Right programming, right education, special talent? The answer is the ENERGY. It is pure positive energy that creates worlds and animates matter. It is the energy that always creates the winner’s edge.


Energy is the organizing force of the universe and everything the universe encompasses, including human beings. It is what binds quantum particles into atoms, atoms into molecules, molecules into structures. There is no birth, movement or creation without energy. No activity is possible without energy, as it creates life in the universe. In other words, nothing can be generated, transformed or destroyed without vibrational frequencies, which create energy.


What do all these vibrational frequencies of the vast universe have to do with our life on a personal level? Simply everything. Everything we have in our life with various experiences, situations, people, possessions, opportunities, and problems is the result of our personal energy level. The way we feel determines our high or low vibrations, which create our energy, which in its turn determine our effectiveness and our results. The more elevated our feelings and our emotions are, the faster our vibrations become and the better results we produce. The way we feel creates the experiences of our life. The law of attraction is simple: like attracts like. And it starts with the nature of our feelings and emotions, our personal vibrations. By the level of our vibrations we attract the desirable situations in our life. Our skills and talents play important but not defining role. Positive emotional attractor does all the magic. Even if we don’t have a certain skill, or knowledge, or experience required for having something, but we are passionate about it and we emit high and positive vibrational frequencies, we invite it in our life. Before we know it, the Universe starts responding to our vibrations with little signs here and there, amazing little “coincidences”, all the magic pieces necessary to put this thing together.


The big problem is that the majority of people focus their attention on the outside world rather than on their inner content. They try to fix the problems unconsciously initiated by their limiting thoughts and beliefs and brought about by the corresponding energy. They are unconscious that their outside problem is the product of their inner programming. It can be compared to the situation with the printed document. You write a document on your computer, then you hit the button “print”. You take the piece of paper, read it, and find some errors. You correct the errors on the paper, but when you go back to your computer and reprint the same document, the same errors are present on the newly printed-paper. What?! Then you fix them again on the paper, but when you reprint it, nothing is changed… Does it sound like insanity? Welcome to most people’s lives. No matter how many times you fix the errors on the paper, they will be present in the operational system. The solution is simple: change the errors in the operational system to avoid the waste of time and needless efforts that don’t produce results anyway. Our beliefs, thoughts, and personal energy are tightly interwoven, which define the quality of our life and the level of our success and happiness.


The Universe gives us not what we think or speak, or what we deserve, or what we are supposedly destined to have. The Universe gives us precisely – and only – what we are vibrating in every moment of every day.

Why it is so important to feel good in life? We all know the power of thoughts. But quite often we get the opposite of what we think of. It happens because we mix negative feelings with our thoughts. We want a better job, but we hate our present job. We want more money, but we are agitated about our expanses. We want better relationship, but we are suffering with the present partner, or because we don’t have a partner at all. We want, and think, and speak about improvement in a certain area of our life (or all of them), but energetically we come from a place of lack.


Negative feelings always create and spread bad energy. And the same kind of energy will be attracted into our life. No matter how hard we try to solve the problem, find the right person, create the desirable opportunity, find a better job, make more money, operating in the realm of outside “reality”, we will never be happy. Our energy is the medium between our dreams and their manifestation in the real world. Think about, if we mix negative energy with our cherished dreams, we will always be disappointed with the results, even if we put enormous efforts. Something good will never emerge from something bad. It is all about vibrational frequencies that bring everything we have in our life, good and bad. Regardless of our religion, God communicates with us through feelings. All the solutions, answers, and opportunities stem from the inside.


We can become “winners” the moment we choose to feel like winners. Change the way you feel, and you we will change the way you think, vibrate, and attract. Our winner’s behavior and actions will flow naturally. Our productivity and effectiveness will be reinforced effortlessly. We will feel happier and more content. Positive vibes and positive energy will do the job.

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