Spark of Divinity

“Men ask in their prayers for health and wealth from Gods, but do not know that the power to attain this lies in themselves”

One of the most interesting versions of how life on earth was created is described in ancient Greek mythological tales. In many of these myths the originating point of all was a divine being who was completely spirit; there was nothing material about him/her/it. The divine being generated other divinities who were manifestations of various characteristics: silence, intellect, patience, truth, word, life, love. Some of these divine beings generated other divine beings, until there was a populated realm of the divine. But one of these beings – in some texts it is Sophia, the Greek word for ‘Wisdom’ – fell from the divine realm and generated other divine beings, who were not fully divine, since they came into existence in the material world outside the realm of the divine. Myths tried to explain how both the divine realm above and this material world below came into existence.

According to ancient Greek beliefs human being was considered to be a mortal god and god was considered to be an immortal human being. During those times there was not a separation between mind and body. The Eastern mystical religion of Hinduism makes the amazing claim that the true human self is none other than God himself. In other words, for Hindus the human soul is divine. The dominant religion of the West—historic Christianity—asserts that God created human beings and that those beings were made in God’s expressed image. Almost all religious and philosophical teachings express the same idea about an incredible power within us. We all share a common bond with the gods, absolute power or cosmic energy, whatever you call it. Our task is to become aware of this spark of divine, realize the benefits of the intuition, where spark of divine is stored, and tap our inner power.

The gnostic religions taught that we have a spark of divine trapped in our bodies. Salvation will come to the spark only when it learns the truth of where it came from and who it really is. In other words, the inner element of the divine within us needs to acquire the true and secret knowledge that can set us free. In Greek the word for ‘knowledge’ is gnosis. This knowledge is self-knowledge of who we really are deep inside and where we came from. Gnostics maintained that we are not just flesh-and-blood human beings. We have the spark of divinity within us that originated in the heavenly realm, but that has fallen into the material world.

The soul of each human being is the cosmic or world soul. Yet while man is God, man erroneously perceives himself as being separate and distinct from God. This grand case of mistaken identity constitutes humanity’s basic predicament, and the unenlightened state is described as one of terrible ignorance and illusion.

We don’t need to be religious in order to discover and comprehend this secret knowledge. It is about faith in our inner power. We can become gods capable of managing our own destiny by unleashing our inner strength and resources and achieving a higher level of consciousness and self-empowerment. We carry all the answers within us.

Salvation in modern interpretation is the realization of an unimaginable power inside us. This energy, strength, determination, willpower, self-realization, whatever you call it, is about self-awareness of what we are capable of.

Upon discovering this knowledge comes the realization that there is nothing impossible in our life. It opens numerous doors of opportunities, enabling us to transform our life.

How do we tap the power of the divine within us? We bring on the surface the intuitive awareness. It is liberating and rewarding experience. It pushes beyond the limits of linear understanding. Intuition is a potent wisdom not mediated by linear mind – a practical, smart, decision-making aid. Intuition can be a hunch, a dream, a “knowing”, specific guidance, or a warning of danger. During troubled times, intuition is a voice in the wilderness to get you through, and when things are good, it’ll help them stay that way. Intuition is the divine spark trapped inside our bodies.

Albert Einstein said, “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.” To tap this, we must appreciate that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. It is impossible to grasp how we tick emotionally without a cosmic perspective; everything about us, including our biology, is an expression of the divine.

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It is true, that if we believe we can discover this divine power