“Anna, you inspire me to do anything I want to do. Thank you for your words of wisdom. So young, so wise.”
Joudani Maria Severino
Graphic Designer at Jams Design Studio

“Anna Trishch was the kickoff keynote speaker for a 1 -day conference that I planned. I couldn’t have been more pleased with all the positive accolades that were shared with me and I’m sure with her about her presentation. She has a wonderful personal story to share but is so impressive, weaving the story of her background into a motivational speech that can’t help but inspire. As a relatively new speaker, she presents herself with her professionalism, delivery, image and confidence in such a way that would lead anyone to believe that she had been doing this for years. Choosing Anna as a keynote speaker or presenter is a foolproof part of a formula for planning a successful event. She won’t disappoint.”
Phyllis May
Keys to Paradise, Inc. Key West…Author, Speaker, ReFIREment Coach, Radio Host “The Fiery Retiree”

“Anna is an inspiration to every person she meets. She is a passionate speaker who always talks about the potential and the good in each of us. I have been grateful to meet Anna in our Hollywood Toastmaster club where she is a respected and admired leader who coordinates the Leadership track of all our members. When you meet Anna, you will soon find inspiration and leadership in her message.”
Adriana Alcala
UX Creative Director at PwC Digital and The President of Hollywood Toastmasters

“Powerful speech! It flowed from your heart. Your words, energy, and passion: they all talk about your deep confidence and your powerful message. You shine when you are in front of an audience. You are remarkable.”
Maria Colmenares
School Counselor at San Jose Unified School District

“Anna’s theme of inspiration through desperation broke down many walls for me personally- she has helped me on my journey of discovery to better myself and push through barriers that I allowed to cave me in. Anna shares her journey in a heartfelt and poetic voice that inspires me to do better with my life. Thanks!”
Tasha Ceres
Legal Assistant and full time time student.

“Energetic. Inspiring. Motivating. Captivating. These are just some words that describe Anna Trishch. Anna has great stage presence and uses a multiplicity of mannerism to communicate her message to her audience. I’ve had the privilege of listening to her on a number of occassions and each time I’m amazed at how well she presents especially for someone in her age category. Age is not an issue with her. Anna also has the ability of morphing her message to fit the audience to which she is asked to speak. As a fellow speaker and coach I highly recommend her.”
 Kingsley Grant
Certified Coach, Published Author, Marriage & Family Therapist

“Anna’s presentation was spot on. She motivated people to translate their vision into action. After her speech we all felt like no matter how crazy or “unreal” our dreams were, we could reach them. It was nice to see that after the presentation people were lining up to ask Anna a question or share a comment. She was truly inspirational.”
Jessica Min
Senior Marketing Director at World Financial Group

“Anna, you project beauty and sincerity. You project confidence. I can’t believe you can speak so well for such a young gal. You are going places!!”
Pamela Fogel Fistel Gottlieb
Campaign Director at Jewish Federation of Broward County

“Anna is the type of generous and warm speaker that inspires you to aspire. Anna connects with the audience in the encouraging tone of a close friend. She took to time to speak to my high school sophomores and inject them with the drive to follow their dreams.”
Laura Pascal
Social Studies Teacher LBA Construction & Business Management Academy




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