What is Visualization and Why do We Need it?

What is visualization and why do we need it?

We all know that visualization attracts desirable things in our life. It is true, but such simple statement does not reveal the whole process. We perceive visualization as magic. However it can be explained logically as it is controlled by the physical laws. Transformation with the help of visualization belongs to the realm of subtle energies, yet it is as real as the world itself. Due to the limited sensitivity, not everybody is able to realize this sophisticated level.

Every object, person, feeling, life situation or anything has its own frequencies. Everything what we have in our physical world corresponds to our subconscious frequencies. With the help of visualization we change our vibrational frequencies or mental attitude towards the desirable things. As we change our subconscious vibrational frequencies the physical world around us changes because we correspond at the energy level to people, things, places, opportunities, etc.
For example, a person makes $4000 a month. His or her mental vibrational frequencies correspond to this amount of money. It is considered to be his/her standard and usual condition.

Now, if this person wants to make $10000 a month, how will he or she feel? It does not matter if the feeling is good or bad, the person will feel unusual and uncomfortable, because it is not what they are used to, it is not their normal condition. The level of higher income has different frequencies. In order to manifest $10000 monthly income, the person needs to change the vibrational frequencies, so the mind will accept higher income as normal.

We tend to attract what we consider usual standard.

The purpose of visualization is to shift the usual standard.

Visualization makes our body and mind ready to accept new and desirable situation.There are rules of proper visualization, and if you follow them you see fruitful results

  • You have to feel the desirable situation with your own body and senses, imagining it as it is real and right next to you, so all you have to do is to embrace it. Picture your dream vividly and colorfully.
  • Avoid passionate excitement though. Strong emotions make you weaker psychologically. Look around what is around you; do you feel passionate excitement towards material things? No. Why? Because you consider them to be normal and usual. Do not give excessive importance to your desire as it removes you from its manifestation in your life. Once you consider your wish normal and you view it without excessive anxious emotions, the universe gives it to you.
  • Imagine the situation from your own perspective. Visualizing something, you have to be an active participant, the center of the action, but not the observer. Many people make mistakes picturing their dreams from the side. The purpose of visualization, as I already mentioned, is to change yourself, your subconscious attitudes, so you have to view the situation with your own eyes.
  • Only repetitive and constant visualization can bring results. It is not one-time imagination that brings results.

The nature of visualization or when visualization really works

Many people make mistakes and get disappointed perceiving visualization literally. They just sit and imagine fabulous life without taking any action. Such people are called the victims of “Secret”

It looks something like this

Think big

If there is no effort there is no result. That is another law of the universe, which many people forget. However there should be healthy balance between visualization as inspiring encouragement and work as implementation of thoughts.

Other people make a different mistake. They work really hard without belief and hope for better life. They don’t believe into power of visualization. They are hard-workers but prosperity and success are unknown to them. They are afraid to think about success because it seems impossible to them (yet only in their mind)


In order to manifest your dreams, they should be supported with actions and true belief. Nothing comes out of nothing.

True story

In the presence of a person, а spoon was heated up by the fire and suddenly this hot spoon was applied to this person’s hand. The person got burned. The trick of the experiment was that the hot spoon was replaced with a cold one. But the person did not notice that, that is why he got burned with a cold spoon being absolutely persuaded that it was a hot spoon. Belief changes the reality.

There is no doubt that if the person noticed the substitution, there would not be a burn.

You are probably familiar with the placebo effect in the medicine field. A placebo is a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment for a disease or other medical condition intended to deceive the recipient. Sometimes patients given a placebo treatment will have a perceived or actual improvement in a medical condition, a phenomenon commonly called the placebo effect. (Wikipedia)

Here is a secret: only 100% unconditional confidence in the result gives the desirable effect of visualization.

In order to manifest a big goal into reality you should treat it with easiness and the absolute belief and then your mind will accept it as usual standard and the big goal will become the reality.

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